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Nearly every poor girl wants the rags to riches story, but when my wish is granted, I have to ask myself…
Are the consequences really worth it?
And then there’s him… He’s tall, broody, and tattooed, and he doesn’t look anything like a law-abiding police officer. He’s American, and I’m British. He’s twenty-four, and I’m… not. A guy like him would never be interested in a girl like me.
Then, he’s a guest at a family wedding that turns into one almighty disaster, and I realise there is more to this stranger than I first assumed.
He makes me flutter in places I would rather not admit, and to make matters worse, he’s been hired to be my new bodyguard, and from the outset, he makes it perfectly clear he’s taking his new job very seriously. Guarding my body becomes his favourite thing…
Until he breaks my heart, and once again, I’m left damaged.

DAMAGED - Book 1 The Healing Wounds Series

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