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Martina Dale has been writing and telling stories since she was a young child. Working for a local newspaper from leaving college  it was inevitable that she would start telling her own stories as a career - and loving every moment. She is privileged to share her work with her loyal audience. 

Born with a wild imagination and a curiosity about the complexities of desire, Martina set out on a literary journey that would leave readers eagerly turning pages in search of the next tantalising twist. Her early forays into storytelling hinted at the magnetic allure of love and passion, laying the foundation for a career that would set hearts ablaze...

Image by Radu Marcusu

Martina's debut novel, "West," ignited a fervour among readers, establishing her as a bold voice in the realm of steamy, sizzling romance tales. Her tales are not just about love; they are adventures into the realms of sensuality, exploring the unspoken desires that pulse beneath the surface of every stolen glance and lingering touch.

Armed with an unabashed love for exploring the boundaries of intimacy, Martina's narratives transport readers to worlds where inhibitions are left at the door, and the only rule is to succumb to the fiery allure of passion. From clandestine affairs to the untamed wilderness where love blooms like a forbidden flower, Martina weaves tales that embrace the electrifying chemistry between her characters.

Her novels, often adorned with intricate plots and characters that breathe fire, have gained a devoted following who relish the exhilarating escapades she unfurls with each new release. Beyond the pages of her novels, Martina engages with her readers through social media, tantalising teasers, and virtual book clubs. Her ability to create a community of like-minded souls who appreciate the art of the steamy narrative reflects the authenticity and connection she brings to her work.


As readers delve into herspicy romance novels, they embark on a journey where boundaries are meant to be tested, and every stolen moment is a celebration of desire. Martina's novels are more than stories; they are invitations to embrace the heat, savour the intensity, and revel in the unbridled ecstasy of love's most scintillating encounters.

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