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This is the 2nd book in the Healing Wounds Series but can be read as a standalone.

What a buzz it is to be young, bright, and successful and have the world at your feet. A man who loves you and the universe looks like it was made just for you.
But one slip, one fall and it all crashes around your feet like a damn earthquake destroying everything good in your path. In the blink of an eye, the world is working against you and you question… What did I do to deserve this? Why me? Why now?
The memories of my university days haunt me and every day I wish I could turn back the clock. Do things differently and not devastate everything good in my life.
But the funny thing with time is it doesn’t stand still. It moves on, it only goes forward. But when you’ve broken the heart of the one man you ever loved you realise time is not a healer it’s a vault. It keeps all your secrets and then when you least expect it. It opens the door and shows them to the world.
My broken heart, my broken body and my broken life…
I don’t know if he will ever forgive me for doing the unforgivable but in time I hope and pray I get the chance to say those two words…
I’m Sorry.
Danika xxx

This book may contain triggers for some readers.

The topics covered in this book are deeply traumatic and contain medical references to hyperthyroidism and perinatal psychosis, depression and unwanted pregnancy.

It also contains scenes of a sexual nature and also contains scenes of violence and people trafficking. If any of these scenes may cause you distress or offend you this book may not be for you.

BROKEN - Book 2 of The Healing Wounds

SKU: Broken Paperback
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